Frequently Asked Questions

We are located on the edge of one of Spain's best kept secrets, the Islas Hormiga's Marine reserve, with regular sightings of big shoals of barracuda, tuna & sunfish. The area is alive with marine life; you will be pleasantly surprised.In 2016 this has been considered the best place to dive in the Mediterranean for marine life abundance!
Adventure Divers is open from March until December, and our office hours are 9am until 5pm in low season & 8am until 6pm in the high season.Its always advisable to call our office on +34 968 33 84 85 to make sure someone is in the office as its possible we are underwater diving!
We average about 17c, but from May to September the water can go up to a very pleasant 26-27c.
Yes, we can take total beginners & have a very good reputation for teaching beginners in a safe & well organised enviroment, but not forgetting to have fun!
Yes, you can. We would be happy to put you in touch with a reputable dive centre in your local area in order for you to undertake the pool dives and knowledge development before you travel. (You will pay your local dive centre separately for this.) The Open Water Diver Referral course allows you to complete your open water dives in resort.
Diving can start straight away. We would suggest you either e-mail or phone us to arrange your diving prior to coming out to La Manga club. We can then let you know what you need to do on arrival here.
Children aged 8 - 12 years old can have an introduction to the art of breathing underwater on a Bubblemaker course. A qualified Instructor will teach your kids to dive in the safe enviroment of our heated pool at a maximum depth of 2 metres. This is a fun based course & we have various toys & games to play with. Children aged 12 - 15 years old can take a Junior Open Water Diver course following exactly the same format as the adult course. Maximum depth is 12 metres for 12 year olds.
Not at all - in this case you have the option of closing your eyes during mask removal exercises, or not wearing your contact lenses at all, in which case you could choose to purchase an optically corrected mask.
For your own comfort and safety, if you have your own diving kit, we recommend you take it. Please ensure not to exceed your maximum baggage allowance. You may wish to leave non-essential bulky items at home. All entry level courses include full equipment. All qualified dive prices include tank & weights.
We have a full range of tanks from 5L for the kid's bubblemaking to 15L tanks for the experienced wreck diver. We can also supply Nitrox at an additional cost.
Normally we would come with you on the dives as we can show you the best things to see. For all courses you will be accompanied by an Instructor or divemaster.
Diving after flying does not generally cause any reason for concern. However, there are considerations associated with flying after diving. Any dangers come from excess nitrogen in our body’s tissues from breathing compressed air at depth. For this reason, to avoid the risk of decompression sickness, we recommend that you do not fly for a minimum of 24 hours after your last dive.
No, not if your holiday insurance covers you for diving. For qualified divers you need to make sure it covers diving to 30m. If not, you can take out our daily insurance which is only €5. For anyone on a course we will automatically cover you.
Our dive centre has been established for over 12 years on La Manga Club, we are a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) dive centre & we teach to the highest standards. We keep our equipment maintained to a high specification so you can rest assured you are in good hands.
You will need to have a reasonable level of fitness and be confident in the water. If you are doing the open water course, you will also need to be able to swim 200m unaided (or 300m in mask, fins & snorkel). There is no time limit for this and you may use any swimming strokes you like. You will also need to float and tread water for 10 mins, again using any methods that you like.
Yes, we offer for all our clients, their first time in the water memories & fun. We capture you from start to finish & put it on a DVD for you so you can take your memories home.
No, with PADI's system of education you learn at your own pace, mastering one skill at a time until you are confident. Many students are amazed how they can go from never having dived, to thoroughly enjoying themselves in one swimming pool session.
Yes, although we will require you to have a medical, unless you can bring with you a signed statement from your doctor that you are fit to dive. Many disabled people are divers; with a slight adjustment in the swimming style, nearly any disability can be overcome.
No, this is a commonly held myth about scuba diving. You will be breathing air, normal air, that has been dehumidified and compressed.
No, as long as you have a certification card with an accredited agency, then you can dive with Adventure divers.
Speciality courses are courses designed to concentrate on a given diving activity. If your favourite type of diving is say wreck diving, and you wish to know how to safely penetrate a wreck, then the wreck diver speciality is for you.
Our dive centre is fully equipped with rental equipment of a very high quality. We use ScubaPro BCD's & regulators.
Yes! The tour is approximately 2 hours of snorkeling. Included in the price is one of our friendly guides, equipment (mask, fins, snorkel & wetsuit), transportation to & from the location, bottled water is provided, and life jackets & other flotation devices are also available if needed.
Yes! The tour is approximately 2 hours of snorkeling. Included in the price is one of our friendly guides, equipment (mask, fins, snorkel & wetsuit), transportation to & from the location, bottled water is provided, and life jackets & other flotation devices are also available if needed.