For Deposit payments please

  • Select the correct deposit option below from the drop down list (what you are booking)
  • Press Add to Cart.
  • You will be directed to the pay pal website page (At present only available in Spanish) 
  • Check the details  «mas» this will show you the activity chosen so you can check.
  • select the amount of people or dives needed  (cantidad) 1,2,3 etc , or if you chose the wrong option «eliminar» (delete) and start again.
  • Then: Either log in if you have a pay pal account «pay pal pagar» (once into the log in page select » English»)
  • or:  if you do not have an account press «pagar » (pay without pay pal ) Pagar sin cuenta PayPal. To change to English go to the very bottom of the page and select «English»
  • Add your details and pay.
  • Please note pay pal charge is 3.75%
  • If your having problems with making a deposit you can always call our office and give card details over the phone .

Deposit Options