Kite surf, SUP, kayak, Windsurf or SailingLa manga and the mar menor is the perfect place to learn and to gain experience due to the shallow coast of the mar menor sea which is needed to learn kite control and eventually board control with the kite flying.

We recommend taking a course in kite surfing with the experts at the kite center on km 2 of la manga strip, the course is made up of 3 to 4  two hour sessions.

You will learn: first session.

  • Introduction to kite surfing, setting up equipment , theory
  • Security systems, launching the kite, flying the kite.
  • Recovering the kite from the water, water launch,

2nd session:

  • practicing kite control, body drag
  • Emergency release and dumping kite

3rd session:

  • Theory of water start with kite and board
  • rescue and recovering board
  • Practicing water start with board

You can get a certification card to recognize you have completed a kite surfing course !


SUP or stand up paddle :

This is one of the newest activities on offer in la manga !

Stand up paddle is all about balancing and getting around on top of the water using a long paddle.

This will work your shoulders and your core muscles which is good way to tone up your body.

There is also some centers offering yoga on the boards which will help give you that beach body you always wanted.

The route of this activity usually starts inside the mar menor , heads through the channel that goes into the Mediterranean where you will paddle towards a beach bar for some refreshments.

Minimum time is 2 hours for learning , but you can just hire a board for a hour up to one day if you have already done this.



One of the most relaxing and Fun ways of enjoying the outdoors and to discover theKite surf, SUP, kayak, Windsurf or Sailing

tranquil Mar Menor.

Departing from south of the mar menor.

For children and adults!

Excursions of different duration and rentals available also

Easy to learn. Enjoy the fantastic Spanish coastline on board your kayak or follow the instructor in one of their great excursions.




In the safe environment of the Mar Menor, learn how to use the wind to make you fly over the ocean!Kite surf, SUP, kayak, Windsurf or Sailing

Courses for all levels and ages!

departing from the south of the Mar Menor.

Courses or Experiences, it’s up to you!







Sailing Courses or Hire

Sailing courses or hire

Learn to sail in a small boat over the Mar Menor in the hands of experienced and professional instructors.

Different courses available

departing from the south of the Mar Menor.

Dingy Sailing trips available.

Sail and enjoy the sunset with your friends!