La Manga and The Isla Grosa Marine Park Dive Sites, 
la manga isla grosa

This Big island east of Thomas Mastre port offers some protected & shallow boat dives & is best dived at the south of the island where there is an entrance to a cave that extends around 80 meters inside the island & is a maximum depth of 7 metres & is good for most qualified divers. You can also dive the east side that has a maximum depth of 21 meters.


Departure for these dives is in thomas maestre port km 14 of la manga and takes just 10-15 minutes to arrive tot he islands.

El Farallon

The East of the Islas Grosa island lies the strange rock of El Farallon which is around 10 minutes boat ride from Thomas Maestro port. This gentle sloping site reaches a depth of 18 metres as you swim through the scattered clusters of rocks that make shelter for a large variety of fish. There are also fields of oceanic posidonia or neptune grass, which bring large shoals of goldline fish which feed on this ,plus a whole variety of other types of fish.

la manga scuba diving

 La Laja

Which means “big, flat rock” is just north east of El Farallon and is a shallow dive site with lots of artifacts due to the sinking of a ship from the Venetian times. The wreck has just recently been dug out & on show in the maritime museum with lots of pieces of pottery , spear heads & other artifacts can be found still. Depth ranges from 3 meters to 22 meters & there is a canyon you can swim through at around 12 metres. This site is good for recently qualified divers and advanced and is surronded by posidonia or neptune grass.

La Campana

Is a shallow reef just 300 metres from La laja at 19 to 24 metres deep. recently discovered here was a wreck from the Phoenician times. due to the wreck sinking in the 7th century thats over 2,500 years old! Not much has been preserved due to it being made mostly of wood. It was however carrying goods that have been recovered and are now on show in the Arqua museum in cartagena  such as amphora’s and elephant tusks confirming that Phoenicians used the med to trade goods all those years ago.

Phoenician wreck

There are a variety of other dive sites stretching westwards towards Cartagena & as far as Mazarron that have been discovered & include a cave dive and the oldest ship wreck ever found in the Mediterranean and sank in the 7th century! Murcia is truly an ancient treasure full of history and very interesting to archaeologists.